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MassZymes 120 caps

MassZymes Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Women and Men (120 caps)

Crank Your Muscle Gains To New Heights By Transforming 1 Gram Of Protein Into 3 Grams with the best supplement for digestive problems

  • Increase your absorption of key amino acids
  • Stronger, Healthier Digestion
  • Boost your absorption of certain vitamins
  • Increase your mental clarity and focus
  • Repair damaged intestinal wall
  • Decreases need for sleep and recovery
  • Contains 100,000 HUTs of protease per capsule

$39.95 or $39.95 $35.96 / month

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MassZymes Nutritional Facts

  • Designed to aid digestion and support digestive issues
  • Breaks down fats, starches and sugars
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes good brain health
  • Replaces naturally-occurring processing, irradiation and cooking
  • Improves assimilation and utilization of food into amino acids that assist with not only overall health but brain health as well
  • Eliminates brain fog

Suggested Use

Designed to be taken with meals and protein shakes.Take 3 capsules with each meal. May take 1-3 capsules with each meal and 1-2 capsules in between the meals. Store in a cool / dry location.

Product Certifications

Made in the USA

MassZymes FAQ’s:

1. When is the best time to take MassZymes?

Systemic enzymes are taken on an empty stomach as digestion will interfere with their effectiveness. We suggest you take our Masszymes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or during the day to elicit a systemic enzymatic effect. To improve digestion take Masszymes a few minutes before each meal of the day. **Please Note: Our enzymes can be used both for food digestion and on an empty stomach as well. When you take our MassZymes on an empty stomach they become metabolic. If you take them with the food they become digestive.

2. Are enzymes dangerous?

No! The enzymes we recommend are perfectly safe to consume. Some people with gastritis or ulcers may not be able to consume them. But be sure to consult your health professional and ask him/her if enzymes are safe for you to use.

3. Are all enzymes created equal?

No. Most brands sold in stores only work at a very narrow PH level, which means they get destroyed during the digestive process. Our Full Spectrum enzymes work at a PH range between 2 and 12, which maximizes its digestive effects. Plus our supplement is the most powerful protease supplement on the market. Also, due to the high protease count in our MassZymes, this can actually help reduce strength loss, and boost short-term strength recovery too when you train.
Here is the scientific proof:

4. Why do you use RICE BRAN in this product?

We use stabilized hypoallergenic rice bran as an agent to prolong the shelf life of the enzymes which can become activated by moisture. By including a stabilized hypoallergenic rice bran we are able to offer longer shelf life and improved effectiveness of the product.

5. Does Masszymes (Digestive Enzymes) only digest protein?

No...our enzymes not only break down protein but also carbohydrates, fats & sugars. The Protease in our enzymes breaks down protein. The Amylase in our enzymes breaks down carbohydrates and Lipase breaks down fats in our body.

6. Are these vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, they are. The capsules are cellulose (Wade the co-founder is vegetarian). The enzymes are fermented using plants.

7. Can children take this product? If so, what is the recommended dosage?

Yes, children can take this product. Give them 1 capsule every 44 lbs body weight.

8. Can I empty the contents in the capsule in a beverage?

Yes, you can empty the contents of this product in your beverage of choice.

9. Is it okay for pregnant or breastfeeding women to take this product?


10. What is the recommended dosage?

You can follow the recommended dosage on the label, but Wade Lightheart (co-founder/creator of the BiOptimizers product line) suggests 3 Levels you can follow while taking this product. Please see this document for more details.

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Product Dimensions

  • Cap diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Bottom diameter: 2 inches
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.72 ounces


Do not use if ulcer or gastritis are present.


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Biohackers, Doctors, Scientists, Health And Fitness Leaders Who Love BiOptimizers

Mr. Leslie M. Hudson
Masszymes & probiotics for healthy gut flora
April 9, 2018

Size: 250 Verified Purchase

I'm so happy I discovered this product. I believe enzymes can help with all manner of problems and you cannot take too many. The recommended dosage is based on a healthy 150 pound male. Once your body uses the enzymes to break down and digest food, the body will put any excess to work in other places. I researched Enzymes when my dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. We started him on megadoses of BiOptimizers Masszymes, along with probiotics. He lived twice as long as doctors thought he would. Excruciation abdominal pain and trouble eating solid food is typical with Stage IV Pancreatic cancer. Dad ate up until a few days before he died, and he never experienced pain at all. Several other family members have had acid and bloating issues and were taking acid reducers. Since stomach acid declines as we age, there is no need for people to take acid reducers, in fact they do more harm then good. We stopped the acid reducers and started taking Masszymes & probiotics daily to help maintain healthy gut flora.
Masszymes are my favorite enzymes!
September 4, 2018

Size: 250 Verified Purchase

I happily have taken Masszymes for a few years, both with food and on an empty stomach before bed to get a cleansing detox overnight. Their overall higher dosage seems true after I compared amounts in several other popular enzyme formulas. For some months I took three bottles a month for accelerated cleansing, but now I am on the maintenance dose of one bottle a month. I plan to use Masszymes for years to come. The company's customer service is top-notch.
Work as proteolytic enzyme, much less joint pain and swelling.
April 5, 2018

Size: 250 Verified Purchase

Love this product. Use it as proteolytic enzyme. Take 5 in AM empty stomach and 5 before bed empty stomach. This helps tremendously for my RA swelling and pain. I hope it will keep the inflammation in bay so my joints can heal.
Zoe L. Martell
Best enzymes ever!
November 13, 2018

Size: 250 Verified Purchase

I have taken a lot of digestive enzymes over the years, with little result.... until these! Honestly, the whole BiOptimizers line is fantastic. I use the enzymes, the HCL, and the probiotic .... and they are the only ones I will buy from now on. I've wasted a lot of money on digestive products that do nothing, and buying lower priced products is just not worth it. I am a huge fan of these products and I will continue to use them.


If you're not happy with MassZymes for any reason anytime between today and 365 days from now, we'll refund you the full amount you paid for shipping. No questions asked. Our customer happiness team will take complete care of you.

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